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Psalm 145 4

One summer day in June, my mom and I were cleaning her dining room. The main task was to wash the antiques in her china cabinet. Each precious treasure had to be removed from the hutch, hand-washed in warm, sudsy water, hand-dried, and put back in place after the shelf itself was dusted. The heirlooms had been handed down from both sides of the family. Some of the family treasures were so unique that they caused me to question my mom about them. While carefully handling each fragile figurine, I wanted to know the story behind it. To whom did it belong? Where did she get it? How long had that memento been in our family? From Great Grandma Tena’s one hundred plus year old ceramic baby cup to her ivory colored shell vase my Grandma Vera grew up seeing always on display, the history of some of the inherited possessions was discussed. Like the objects passed down through the generations, we too have sacred stories that need to be told. To whom do I belong? Where have I been? How has the Lord been gracious? Hearing the stories behind each of the antiques in the china cabinet taught me a lesson: We also need to share our past experiences that demonstrate the faithfulness of our Father. It is so important to tell our children and grandchildren the great things He has done in our lives and how He has been with us each step of our journey. Share your story. Boast about your God. Pass the baton of faith to the next generations.
Prayer: Father, help me to communicate how you have continued to work in my life. Amen.

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  1. Dear Sara what a beautiful story of our family. Thank you for sharing your story how family and Our Lord have touched you. I too own a piece of Grandma Tena china. I was Blessed with a piece of it when I was able to come to Illinois. It has given so much peace to know how much I was loved by family and Our Lord. God Bless You! Love Always, Cousin Judie.

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