God Our Guide

Psalm 48 14

This is God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us forever.
Psalm 48:14

One Memorial Day weekend, my husband, Steve, and I loaded up our boys and traveled from our home in Illinois to his parents’ cottage in Wisconsin. Not only did we pack up the usual items such as our suitcases, food, and toiletries, but we also hooked up a trailer with a couple of four-wheelers on it. Part of the vacation was spent driving the four–wheelers on the trails especially made and marked for them. Since I was a novice at driving a four-wheeler and unfamiliar with the winding trails, I followed my husband, who led the way. As I was riding, I savored the beautiful scenery of pine trees, deer, birds, and bushes. I could not let my eyes linger too long because the view could quickly become a dangerous distraction. Had I not kept my eyes on the path in front of me and on my husband ahead, I could have easily run into the deer that crossed the trail or scratched my helmet and arms on the encroaching branches along the path. As we put our four-wheelers and helmets away, I took a moment to give thanks to God who not only has given me bountiful blessings to cherish, but who also gently reminds me not to let them hinder my focus on Him. Even though I sometimes get stuck along the way preoccupied by the scenery of life, this vacation was a stopping point where I acknowledged my need to faithfully focus on the Guide of my path.
Father, forgive me of all the times I have allowed myself to be distracted with the landscape of life. Help me remember to keep my eyes on You, my loving Guide. Amen.

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  1. Hi Tena! What a sweet story and a powerful reminder. I am always fascinated at God’s way of providing us with perfect stories to illustrate His constant presence. Great to meet you today. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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