Holiday Humor

Christmas nativity scene with three Wise Men presenting gifts to baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. Psalm 105:3
When I was offered my first teaching job in a rural community, I rented a room from a farm widow named Verna. It was a blessed time for me. Verna and I became good friends as we shared stories, meals, and experiences together. As we prepared for Christmas that year, her son and five year old grandson came over after Thanksgiving to help us decorate. Each person had a job to do. Verna’s grandson was so excited to help his grandma and took his task very seriously. He was in charge of setting up the nativity scene. After some time, he became exasperated. Frustrated that he could not find the Wise Men in the box, he exclaimed, “Where are the wise guys?” With a little help from his grandma, together they completed the nativity scene helping the “wise guys” find the baby Jesus.
Father God, may we be wise women who seek the King of kings. Amen.

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