A True Leader

Galatians 5 13 2
Serve one another humbly in love. Galatians 5:13
This story is taken from Daily Guideposts.
“Shortly after the end of the first Gulf War, Gen. Colin Powell was at a large gathering where he was to be honored for teaching his troops the values that had produced a successful military campaign. Also on the program was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, then in his nineties, with whom I was traveling. With his keen eye for detail, General Powell noticed that one of Dr. Peale’s shoes had become untied. Without a word, he stepped forward, knelt down and tied the errant lace. Dr. Peale was flustered for a moment, but General Powell eased his embarrassment with a joke. One of the general’s aides leaned over to me and whispered, ‘Now you know why he wins battles. We’d all go through the fire for a man like that.’

Lord, help me to follow Your example and serve someone today.-ERIC FELLMAN”

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