Giving Credit

Philippians 2 3This inspiring story about giving credit was taken from Dale Carnegie & Associates’ recent book, How to Win Friends & Influence People In The Digital Age. August Turek, a former founding employee at MTV said, “‘Giving away credit is a magical multiplier. It works well in business and in our personal lives. But harnessing this magic requires an attitude of gratitude. Without a sincere sense of gratitude, sharing credit is just another manipulative trick bound to backfire…None of this is rocket science. It’s common sense. So why is credit stolen far more often than shared? The usual suspect is fear.’
But fear in this case should be reserved for the possibility of becoming a person who is afraid to share the spoils of success.
Turak shares a homily he once heard that makes this point well:
‘The Sea of Galilee is teeming with fish and life,’ the priest began. ‘The Dead Sea is dead and is devoid of life. They are both fed by the sparkling water of the River Jordan, so what’s the difference? The Sea of Galilee gives all its water away. The Dead Sea keeps it all for itself. Like the Dead Sea, when we keep all that is fresh and good for ourselves, we run our lives into a briny soup of salty tears.’
The principle suggested here is born not of attention-seeking activity but rather of a supreme confidence that you are a far better person when those around you know they play an important role not only in a collaborative success but also in your personal success.”
Father God, help us to give credit to those who help us in big and little ways. Amen.

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