The following blog was a Facebook post written last year by my friend, Harmony Welsh. May you be inspired to #MakeLifeCount!

Hey friends! As I’ve been reflecting on this last year, I honestly cannot believe another year has come and gone. Did your 2015 resolutions make it all through the year? Or did they dwindle and fade after the first couple months? Life is so short. Different seasons of life can seem like they will last an eternity; however, in the blink of eye, priorities, obstacles, highs & lows can all change. We have to accomplish the day-to-day necessities in order to survive, but do we honestly think about our actions? Or do we mindlessly go about running almost on automatic pilot. Majority of the time, I am guilty of the latter. At the end of the day, what truly matters? Think about the people in our lives—do we take them for granted? Or do we truly prioritize our relationships? Taking time to create memories and treasure moments with others brings fulfillment. Think about God for a moment. Maybe you believe in his existence, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have a strong relationship with him, maybe you don’t. Do we honestly take time to treasure God the way we treasure our human relationships and experiences? Francis Chan (You and Me Forever) phrases it this way: “The God who loans you life sees your every move, hears each word you speak, and knows your every thought. And this is a good thing. You are seen by God. Noticed. Known.” Wow!!! If I truly lived with this perspective at the forefront of my mind, my daily actions would be radically different. God longs to have relationships with us! Regardless of beliefs, at some point, every single one of us will die and stand before God. “‘As surely as I live,’ says the LORD, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.’ So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God” (Romans 14:10). This is a profound thing, friends, and not something to trifle with. As we prepare to close out 2015 and reflect on the year to come, may we ponder the brevity of life and the God who brought life into existence. We must live each day to the fullest potential and #makelifecount.

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