The Perfect Gift

Special thanks to my friend, Cheri Smolich, for sharing this beautiful poem.

By Cheri Smolich

To find the Perfect Gift
I walked for many a mile.
It had to be affordable, and
Of course, must be in style.
I hoped it would be multi-color,
For people red, yellow, black, or white—
Useable, here and now
To bring each owner daily delight.
Then Someone showed me something;
The greatest gift of all.
I couldn’t get it through the mail
Nor buy it at the mall.
“The Perfect Gift,” said Jesus, “is
Offered to you for free. The
Price of it you can’t afford
So it’s been paid by Me.”
The gift of God is Eternal Life
Through Jesus Christ His Son.**
This gift is not for me, alone,
It’s offered to everyone.
Reach out and accept it,
Take this gift today.
Thank Jesus for providing it,
Just bow your head and pray…

** Romans 6:23

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