Be Like Shakespeare

One summer I took an online course entitled, “Introduction to Shakespeare” at my local junior college. While reading and working through seven different plays in eight weeks, I wrestled daily with what Shakespeare was trying to convey in each of these plays. There were, however, certain words and phrases he wrote that I had no problem understanding. As I read and reread his tragedies and comedies, I could not help but notice the numerous references to the Holy Scriptures. Woven throughout the dialogue of the characters were words of wisdom and truth from the Bible. The fact that this literary genius used Scripture references in most of his plays caused me to question whether my spoken and written words had a constant theme of truth running through them. Would I also be known and remembered for speaking and writing words of truth, of discernment, of lasting value? Inspired by Shakespeare’s example, I began a fresh new scene in my own life. When the class ended, I began to make sure that there was a theme of spiritual truth present in my words. I am trying to choose my words more carefully so that they will be of value to those who hear and read them.
Lord, help me to speak and write your words of truth whenever I can. Amen.

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