Celebrating Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, I am sharing two poems my dad, Rich Latta, wrote. One is about fathers and the other is about me. What AMAZES me about these poems which were written many years ago is that each of their messages is as true today as the day Dad wrote them. May these poems inspire you to cultivate your creativity, something that my dad was always pursuing.

One thinks of fathers
As something permanent
Like weather;
Always there;
Sunny at times.
At times angry
With storms
But most of the time
Just there
How quickly we’ve
Learned otherwise.

You learned how
to fly with wings.
You’re ready to
where bluebird sings.
But remember it
all takes time and care
to get
from here to there.

Father God, thank you for my dad, although gone from this earth, still speaks to me and others through his written words. Amen.

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