Look Outward and Upward

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October. My son and daughter-in-law were attending a wedding of dear friends, and I was watching their sons, Ben and Luke. Luke, aged six months, did not want to take a nap. I did not look like his mama, I did not sound like his mama, and I did not smell like his mama. After trying all the tricks in my bag to calm him, I decided to shift his view to something else. Gingerly, I pulled back his black curtains with my right hand while holding him with my left hand and arm. Luke jolted his head as he noticed the bright light streaming from his window. I moved his body so he was facing the window. Captured by the different view, he immediately stopped crying and took in the sunshine, the blue sky, and evergreen bushes outside his window. He became relaxed, and began to settle down. Shortly after, he was ready to be rocked to sleep and take his afternoon nap. Seeing Luke’s emotional state change so quickly was a stark reminder for me that sometimes all we need is a change in perspective to move forward from self-focus and discontentment. We sometimes become so preoccupied with our own concerns that we can’t take our next steps. A change in scenery, a shift in focus on others, or a look upward at our Lord can help us.

Creator God, like baby Luke, we need to look outward and upward. Help us to find peace and contentment as we look to You. Amen.

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