Christmas Joy Devotional

When I was young, I would visit my maternal grandparents who lived in the country just south of Ottawa, IL. My grandma knew the value of hard work and the value of instilling it in her grandchildren so she had different tasks for each of us to do at different ages. I fondly remember feeling so important and needed each time she handed me the small, empty margarine container to collect the seeds of the four o’clock plants that lined both sides of the walkway to the front porch of her farmhouse. Reflecting on this childhood memory, I decided to buy a packet of four o’clock seeds last year. With my two grandsons, Ben and Luke, I planted the seeds on the south side of my house and right in front of my porch. A torrential rain storm washed most of the seeds away. However, one plant bloomed right in front of my front porch. I left it alone, and let it reseed this summer. Joyfully, Ben, Luke, and I kept an eye on this plant. Following my grandma’s wise example, I, too, gave my grandsons a small plastic container to collect the black seeds that were ready for picking each time they visited. Together, we collected hundreds of seeds. Yep! Ben, my seven year old grandson, counted them one summer day! During the summer, we chatted about sharing our seeds and put them in bags to give to our family and friends. As we celebrate the birth of Christ with gift giving this year, we plan to give family members and friends a gift that will continue to give them joy year after year.

Giving God, thank You for creation that gives us joy and points us back to You. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Joy Devotional

  1. Love this memory you have and created with your grandsons…so often we fail to pass on the memories and the little things that GOD gives us thru simple seeds.
    Love the Christmas gift…so many more can enjoy the beauty of the flowers and hopefully learn your story..

      1. You are so welcome, Konnie! I look forward to seeing your seeds grow into plants which have beautiful blooms.

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