About Me

Tena Crop

Author of three devotionals, speaker for Christian women’s events, lover of milk chocolate, Masterpiece Theatre, and pink flowers, I have been on a journey for over fifteen years encouraging women to deepen their walk with God. However, I was not born a motivational speaker. In fact, it was not until I saw a keynote speaker come onto a stage in a pink tutu in front of thousands of women, that I finally realized the message is more important than the messenger. Since then, I have been putting my doubts aside and connecting with women on the stage, in small group settings, and in person. Helping women like you develop a life filled with faith, hope, and love amid the daily struggles and stresses is what I live for! My mission is to inspire you by sharing my own personal stories and giving you the tools and resources that you need to cultivate the deeper spiritual life you desire.

 My son, Mitch, my husband, Steve, and Me

My son, Daniel, and my daughter-in-law, Casey.

My grandsons, Ben, Joseph, and Luke.